Monday, April 13, 2015

ABC Trek: Day 1 - to Pokhara

Based on my last experience during EBC, we had booked ourselves on a 6 am flight out of Bangalore that landed in Delhi Terminal 1 at 8:45 am and our flight to Kathmandu was at 11 am from Terminal 3. Since the flight to KTM is an international flight, one has to collect bags and check them in again. We had ample time to do everything - collect bags, change terminals and check them in again.

However, the Chennai-Delhi flight didn't allow for enough time for the Chennai girls to do the same, so one of them landed in Delhi previous evening and other one flew Jet Airways so that she could land in T3 directly - smart move I must say! 

We all finally met at the gate for our flight to KTM. We were all excited - the trip was in planning stage for months and now it was finally coming true. We all had made it in time for our flight and we had (or so we thought) enough time to catch our Pokhara flight - which again meant collecting bags, changing terminals and checking them in again. 

The crazy that we could avoid at Delhi caught up with us at Kathmandu. First there was delay in landing due to too much air traffic, then long immigration queues and finally my bag arrived only at 14:10. On top of that our connecting flight to Pokhara had been changed to 14:30 (due to cancellation of the 15:30 flight) 

It was only because of the agency representative that we could somehow make it to our next flight - imagine 20 min to change terminals, checking in of bags and to go through security check!!! I honestly don't have much recollection of how we did it - but we did!!!

We landed at Pokhara around 3:15 pm and were picked up by the hotel car and taken to Hotel Dream Pokhara - nice hotel at inexpensive rates. Beautiful view of mountains on one side and a short walk to the lake on another. 

We spent the evening walking around the lake, eating Nepali jhaal moori, having a drink and getting a bit lost on the way back. Since 3 of us had woken up very early to catch our flights to Delhi and given we had an early start the next day too, we retired by 9 pm after a nice dinner at the hotel itself. 

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