Wednesday, October 8, 2014

EBC: Getting closer to goal

Day 7 we all started for Lobuche, it was a slow start for PK because of her ankle injury but we all made it to the only tea house enroute at Thukla about the same time. PK was in pain and the climb was just about to get harder, so we all took our time preparing for the tough one hour that lay ahead.

It was a really steep climb which was made tougher due to high altitude. I continued at the pace faster than the group (thanks to Shawn T) and reached Peak XV lodge around 2 pm. Rest of the group arrived around 40-50 minutes later.

We had lunch at Peak XV and retired to our rooms to rest and recover from the rough and wet climb. Lobuche doesn't have lodges with attached toilets and Peak XV was no exception. The amount of toilet paper and wet wipe consumption went up dramatically for me thanks to these common toilets. There wasn't any hot (or cold for that matter) shower/bath option either. There was this plastic bucket with a tap that held cold water to be used for brushing and washing face/ hands. As one climbs higher, the hygiene and comfort get sacrificed. You can make up for it partially with wet wipes but first thing you want when back in civilization is a hot shower and a working flush :)

Around 6:30 pm we were all back in dining hall to share the heater warmth, chat with other trekkers and have dinner. This was the eve of our climb to EBC and we were excited about the trek to Gorakshep and to EBC the next day. Little did we know that next day would be the worst one for most of us.
View of Ama Dablam as we left Dingboche

A scary river crossing
A lake in distance

Sherpa Memorial on way to Lobuche

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