Monday, May 16, 2016

Greece - A walk through the 2500 year old citadel

Day 2 was spent visiting the Acropolis, Roman Agora and Ancient Agora. Instead of words I will use photos to share the experience at Acropolis:

View at entry/exit to Acropolis. Right hand top is Athena Nike temple. Left is Agrippa and middle is the grand entrance to Acropolis called Propylaea
Agrippa Monument



A monument dedicated by the Athenians to Marcus vipsanius Agrippa

Propylea means is any monumental gateway in Greek architecture
Parthenon - temple dedicated to goddess Athena
Erechtheion East End

Erechtheion Caryatids

Erectheion is an ancient temple on the north side of the Acropolis

Parthenon East End
Greek flag and a view point

Theatre of Dionysus - as visible from the Acropolis

Temple of Olympian Zeus - as visible from The Acropolis 

No audioguide or map is provided for the Acropolis visit - so either you join a guided tour or download an audioguide from internet - we did the latter.

Roman Agora was not that impressive, so we cut the tour short and decided to grab lunch instead before entering the Ancient Agora.

Ancient Agora visit turned out to be great thanks to the audio guide given at the site. Ancient Agora is the best known example of an ancient Greek Agora - the literal meaning of the word Agora is "gathering place" or "assembly". The agora used to be the center of athletic, artistic, spiritual and political life of the city. This site is huge and requires atleast 3 hours to do justice to it - there is also a museum inside the complex that has some interesting information and artifacts.

We had an awesome day visiting the two main archeological sites in Athens. It was a warm and sunny day and a gelato provided a perfect way to wrap it up :)

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