Tuesday, June 21, 2016

An attempt at 3 passes - Day 4 to Thame

We big good bye to SJ with a heavy heart and started our hike towards Thame. It was to be an easy day because the altitude gain wasn't that high and the trail is not that steep. However, at the starting attitude of 3440 m my backpack started to feel heavier than the previous days.

Flowers in bloom along the trail

Till Namche the route was same as to EBC, but now the trail was new to me and I honestly was enjoying the hike more now. The distance to Thame is 9.7km (about 6 miles) along a good trail. The walk itself is peaceful with excellent views of the mountains as it winds in and out of the forest on the side of the canyon.

Beautiful views

After about two hours walk from Namche Bazaar we reached a larger village of Thamo renowned by a nice gompa. If you set out from Namche very early at dawn, it is the ideal place to have a breakfast. We ofcourse had some snack here and after a short break continued our hike. In Thamo, we had to climb the steep stairs to the monastery, but the continuing way was not so steep.

Crossing Bothe Khosi

The path continued to rise up slowly for about an hour and dropped down to the river, which pushes its way through very narrow gorge. All around are beautiful Buddhist paintings. From the bridge over Bothe Khosi followed a steep hike to the village of Thame. This hike felt very tough to me, even though it was just 150 vertical meters, I kept asking the guide how much longer will it take us to get there. At the gate of Thame, AA decided to help me with my  bag and swapped my 12 kilo backpack with his daypack. I felt as if I could fly :)

Now the first order of business was to look for a lodge with "attached rooms". We found that only two lodges have them. First one had only two rooms available and they were a bit dark for our taste. We then proceeded to Sunshine Lodge that came recommended from some hikers I had met along the way. We got three rooms - better than the other lodge and all with a wonderful view of the range.

View from our rooms
After Namche, Thame felt quite peaceful. It is a traditional village that has escaped the crowds trekking to Everest and has one of the older monasteries in the region. The village is notably the hometown of Apa Sherpa who has made it to the summit of Everest 21 times!

It took us about 30 minutes to find the right lodge and settle down and by that time we were all starving. So we decided to have lunch first and then proceeded for a hot shower in the attached bathrooms - thanks once again to solar power.

After the lunch, AD decided to walk to the monastery and I decided to rest up even though originally I wanted to do this as an acclimatization hike. AA and I instead spent time in the warm dining hall uploading pictures on FB and chatting with our loved ones

Once AD got back from her short hike, we had our dinner...the food at this lodge was really good, and after another great meal, we called it a day around 8:30 pm.


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