Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Torre pendente di Pisa

I had planned last day in Italy to be in Pisa where we would get back into Rome around midnight as next day all we had to do was catch 14:20 flight to Dubai. However now our flight was at 9:45 am to Madrid.
Since Rome-Pisa-Rome train tickets and attraction admission tickets were already booked (total about to €75 per head) and because I really wanted to see the leaning tower, we proceeded with the original plan to visit Pisa.
It was raining in the morning so we had to take a cab to Rome Termini. Onward we took an intercity train and it turned out to be a very a scenic journey. However it took us 3.5 hours to our destination and we reached Pisa around 13:40 hours.
As soon as we landed cold gusts of strong wind greeted us. As we walked from Pisa Centrale to the Torre di Pisa, we could barely hold a conversation because of the wind slapping hard against our faces. As we neared the tower, the wind became a gale and threatened to knock over anyone who wasn't being careful. We couldn't even get to top of the tower as it's dangerous in such windy conditions.
Again we had some gelato before we proceeded with tour of the Cathedral and the Baptistery (both housed in the sample complex) The museum, unfortunately, was closed so we headed back to train station.
We tried getting earlier trains to Rome but all options were either too expensive or too long (4 hours). We had tickets for a fast train that would take us back in just 2 hours, so we decided to spend the evening in Pisa. We had some great Prosecco, some amazing pasta and boarded our 9 pm Frecciabianca drunk and content :)
Back at Rome Termini we got a nice cabbie who took us to our hotel without asking for additional fare. We were all too happy to be back in warm and cozy beds though pretty worried if we would wake up in time to make our flight to Spain next morning. 
First view

Notice how much it leans
Cathedral with green lawns and blue sky

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