Monday, July 21, 2014

First French Connection

While working for companies based in US, I had transited through Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London and Paris many times but had never managed to experience Europe. So in 2014, I decided it was time for me to treat myself to a vacation in Paris.

I honestly didn't plan the vacation too well considering I was going to be there in the peak season (first week of July). This inspite of a similar experience in London where I couldn't get any tickets to any attraction when I was there for a conference in 2013. I did, however, manage to salvage the situation but I also learnt my lesson that ensured better planning for the Italy vacation in 2015. 

As always, the hotel I chose was closer to key attractions like Arc de Triomphe and just 500 metres from Champs de Élysées. Plus the metro stop was just a few hundred meters away. The location couldn't have been better. And the rooms were surprisingly big for a hotel in Paris city centre. 

We all met at CDG around 10 am - some from India and some from US and reached the hotel around 11 am. After freshening up, we headed out to Champs de Élysées for a lunch. It was sunny and warm so I wore a summer dress. 

We chose a restaurant at random where we had rose wine and amazing beef bourguignon. While we were half way through our meal, the weather suddenly changed on us. It started drizzling and temperatures dropped significantly. I wasn't properly attired to continue our walk post lunch so we headed back to the hotel. I was half frozen by the time we got back :)

Since US folks were feeling jet lagged we all decided to rest for a while before  stepping out again in the early evening. This time I dressed more sensibly in denim and even purchased a leather jacket from Zara because the weather was still cold! After a long evening of strolling around, we had some wine and a great dinner at another restaurant on Champs de Élysées and we retired by 9:30 pm. 

Lunch at Champs de Elysees

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